20 January 2010

Dock Street Theater

Dock St. Theater, Church St., Charleston, S.C.

The renovation of the historic Dock Street Theater is nearly done and the almost 300 year old theater will be open for business during the Spoleto Festival this spring, featuring a production of "Flora" the first opera ever performed in the American colonies in Charleston in 1735. Flora was one of the first shows at the Dock St. Theater.

Can we do history or what?

Dock Street Theater: The main portion of the building was constructed around 1809 as Planter's Hotel. The hotel was built by Alexander Calder and his wife, who did so by renovating several pre-existing buildings at the site. The main entrance may not have been built until 1855 by J.W. Gamble.

The hotel was used extensively by planters from the midlands of South Carolina, who traveled to Charleston during horse-racing season. It was noted for its wonderful food and drinks during this era, and the South's famous Planter's Punch may have originated here.

I can't wait to get in and snoop around.