04 November 2009

If Charleston were a person.....

Charleston, S.C.

If Charleston were a person - the Australian News
If Charleston were a person, she'd be an achingly beautiful debutante in a white dress, with gardenias in her hair. From a venerable old Southern family mother's in the United Daughters of the Confederacy, father's a wealthy shipper she has impeccable etiquette (Charleston has been voted "Best-Mannered City in America" for 11 years running) and is schooled in all the aristocratic arts.

But just when you want to hate her for being Little Miss Perfect, she takes her hair down and becomes, well ... cool. Charleston has a lot going on lately, from a hip new food-and-wine festival to a recently debuted annual Fashion Week.

The streets just southeast of the College of Charleston campus are dotted with trend-a-licious boutiques selling everything from vintage cowboy boots to Pop Art teapots. Charleston may be historic, but she's not stuck in the past.

What a lovely night it is. I had arranged for a post Heart Walk recognition for my team captains and we stopped at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ on Hwy 61. They set a buffet outside with pulled pork, chicken, slow and their famous macaroni and cheese. After a couple of Coronas I almost forgot all the work it took to raise $69,822.00. We sat outside after all the certificates and pictures and had a perfect time.