30 October 2009

Saint Joan......heheh

Charleston, S.C.

Not bad, eh! Every year at this time I would say to myself, "hmmmm, I should be Joan of Arc," but it would be too late to do anything about it. Now I can check this off my list. Joan of Arc couldn't have gray hair of course so I got a cheapo little wig. As soon as I cover my hair no one knows who I am.

That is George Bernard Shaw's "Saint Joan" in my pocket.

The chain mail weighed at least four pounds. I couldn't take it off without my hair looking like it was painted on my scalp so kept it on all day trying to do business and then just left a tad early and made it to an afternoon matinee at the Terrace after making candy rounds with the volunteers.

Back in a few minutes with pumpkin contest winners....