25 October 2009

Care for a Friendly Chat Over the Fence?

Miles Brewton House, King St., Charleston, S.C.

Care for a friendly chat over the fence? Perhaps not this one on lower King St. Ouchie. No one is going to be climbing over this fence without doing some serious damage. Here is the full view.

Miles Brewton House:
A block away from the Nathaniel Russell House but much less viewed by tourists, the nearly perfect, circa-1769 Miles Brewton House (27 King St.), now a private residence, is maybe the best example of Georgian-Palladian architecture in the world.

The almost medieval wrought-iron fencing, or cheveaux de frise, was added in 1822 after rumors of a slave uprising spread through town.

This imposing double house was the site of not one but two headquarters of occupying armies, British General Clinton in the Revolution and the federal garrison after the end of the Civil War.

The great Susan Pringle Frost, principal founder of the Charleston Preservation Society and a Brewton descendant, grew up here.

It's time for another week, kids. Buckle up. Thanks for all your kind comments and emails. They make it all fun.