09 October 2009

Friday Night Hodge Podge

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

It's hot again and I had to turn my air conditioning back on. It is that odd time in the lowcountry where young women happily match knee high boots with summer shorts.

I recorded Project Runway and was pleased to see the two Charleston contestants still in the running. It is late but I kept nodding off during commercials and having to rewind. I soon realized it is a completely commercial heavy show with about ten minutes of actual content. It was hard to rewind carefully enough to catch the few seconds of programming.

I drove up to North Charleston on Thursday night to take pictures of my friend Andre's new house and besides making me a scrumptious dinner, he introduced me to a long time blog reader for the first time. It was great to meet you Cullen!

I've spent this week laying out the 2010 calendar for the hospital, sorting out pay dates, holidays, nurse's weeks, safety weeks, etc. etc. etc. Heaven help me if I miss any group's special day. Last year the night after I sent it to the print shop I dreamed that I had listed pay dates on the wrong Fridays. That would be the one most unforgivable offense. Heh.

Anyone want to go to the Terrace Hippodrome tomorrow night? I always go to the Terrace Theater but haven't tried the Hippodrome yet and tomorrow may be the night.

G'night kids. Let's get this weekend started.