11 October 2009

Edgar Allen Poe Finally Gets Proper Burial

Poe's Tavern, Sullivan's Island, S.C.

It seems Charleston isn't the only place that likes reenacting old funerals.

Edgar Allen Poe Gets Proper Burial After 160 Years
Just 160 years after he died, Edgar Allan Poe is finally getting a funeral befitting one of America's greatest writers. Already, a pine casket has been visited by hundreds, and visitors have peered inside to see a surprisingly dead-looking replica of Poe.

Fans recreate funeral honoring the master of macabre who died 160 years ago.

And today the master of macabre, known for his poem "The Raven," will get not one, but two funeral services.

"This is our chance to make amends for what wasn't done in 1849," says Jeff Jerome, the curator of Baltimore's Poe House and Museum.

Poe's death was as mysterious as some of his works. He was found outside a bar, delirious, unable to tell anyone what was wrong with him. He was 40 years old and was dead within a few days. A cousin didn't announce the death and had Poe buried with only about 10 people in attendance.