20 September 2009

Don't Monkey Around With Heart Disease

Magnolia Plantation Gardens, Charleston, S.C.

Don't Monkey Around With Heart Disease - Day 6 Countdown.
Count down to the Start! Lowcountry Heart Walk next Saturday 9/26 with Dr. Sock Monkey's healthy heart tips!

Heart Healthy Tips for Pirates
Stay in shape by:
  • Singing Sea Shanties

  • Pillaging & Plundering

  • Swinging from Chandeliers

  • Burying Treasure

  • Leading Pirates into battle

  • Seizing and protecting the loot

  • Laughing heartily and leaping off of something

Sponsor my brother, Dr. Sock Monkey's efforts to raise loot for this worthy cause. Consider making a donation at: Dr. Sock Monkey's donation site. Dr. Sock Monkey has already raised $1,218.00 doubloons. If you are a real pirate you know where the loot is. Aaaargh!