24 September 2009

Blog Buddies

Paul Sports, Germany 1956

Whoopsie. Friends let friends blog tipsy. They laugh at them, but they let them.

Fun night. My friend Linda Benedict is the publisher of Island Life newspaper. Linda was the media sponsor of an event this evening and invited me to go along. We went all the way, limo to pick us up, party for Carolina Youth Development at McCrady's Restaurant. I bid on a dangerous number of items but lucky for me big spenders came behind me willing to spend larger amounts and saved me from myself.

I finally got to meet Ida Becker, the world traveler and society blogger for Charleston Magazine. She is a knock out beauty and we had been circling each other at events for a few years. It was a treat to finally meet.

I have a soft spot for Carolina Youth Development that no one else can understand. I had a blog buddy from Texas by the name of Paul Sports. He latched on to my blog because he had grown up in the old Charleston Orphan Home. Although he lived in Texas he missed the lowcounty and visits to this blog were his trips down memory lane. He commented on almost every entry calling me his "silver fox". He sent me pictures he found of Charleston, asked me to take pictures of locations he remembered, and on my direction got included in the Post & Courier's Lowcountry book.

It's hard to explain the affection you can have for someone you've never met and I loved Texas Paul. He had led a life that would have made an incredible action movie. Paul passed away earlier this year and his son wrote to let me know. My eyes are burning remembering reading that email. He told me how much pleasure Paul had received from the blog and our quirky friendship.

The Charleston Orphan Home is long gone but the Carolina Youth Development is what it became and I celebrated tonight in his honor. No one would approve of me drinking a little more than I should for the occasion than the little scrap of a kid who grew up in the Charleston Orphan Home and told me all his stories. I should have written this long ago but I couldn't.