20 August 2009

Moving Picture Show

Terrace Theater, Charleston, S.C.

I took a couple friends to my favorite theater this afternoon. One hundred and thirty of them. Heh! There were about ten regular customers who I am sure hoped for an empty theater on a Thursday matinee and we had the place packed full.

Owner Mike Furlinger gave me a little discount for my hospital volunteers and we used it as an end of summer thank you event, skipped out of work and saw "Julia & Julia". What fun. The movie was grand, Meryl Streep was the perfect Julia Child.

I found it hard to care about the blogger gal part of the movie and that's too bad considering I've been more of a blogger than a cook lately. Since I wasn't familiar with her part of the story before today I'm not sure if a good actress was realistically portraying a whiny person or if a bad actress was portraying a likable gal. The contrast of her cranky character with the joyful Julia was almost too much. Julie Powell still has a blog.

It was a blast knowing everyone in a packed theater. A few of us continued the party at Zia next door. What I had was very good but I am going to have to go back for the Portabella Quesadilla I had my eye on across the table. Yum, yum!

Have the rest of you seen it already? What did you think?

Thanks Mike, for hosting us so graciously at the Terrace Theater! We had a great time!