12 January 2009

Sunday Hodge Podge

mia Pomodori, Rutledge Ave., Charleston, SC

Teeny tiny Dave's Seafood Carryout is being transformed into a Pizza Restaurant after sitting vacant for months. I love it when places that seem to be abandoned are resurrected. Here is the contact info for mia Pomodori in case you want to give it a try or order me a gift certificate. Harhar. I have to keep up with all the new food options within my walking territory.

This gentleman has a beautiful Charleston flickr album.

My previous blogging platform Journalspace is no more and the domain has been auctioned off on eBay. Thousands of blogging refugees sold like cattle. Now we learn what really happened.

Local blogging buddy Chuck is the profiled feature in the Lowcountry Sun this month. I know famous people.

This is indeed the oddest and funniest etiquette book you will ever see. Don't tell anyone I sent you to it: Recently Deflowered Girl.

My kid was robbed. Did I tell you that? Arriving safely home in Portland she tucked all her belongings into the trunk of her boyfriend's car. Someone must have seen them stash the goods, broke a window and went in through the back seat to take her laptop, camera, backpack, everything she had brought back from Christmas in Charleston.

The other night my phone rang at 1:30 am and a lady asked if I knew anyone by my daughter's name. She was calling from MoJo's Restaurant in Vancouver, Washington. She had arrived home from holiday in Florida to find a bag tossed into her alleyway full of letters, mementos and pictures and found my name and address.

So, the kid lost everything with a dollar value but may have salvaged some of the sentimental items thanks to these honest people who took the trouble to track me down. If you live in Vancouver and are familiar with MoJo's please let them know how much I appreciate their kindness.

Clearly not ready for a Monday. G'night folks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter being robbed, but I'm so glad she got back some of her mementos.

Anonymous said...

I do hope there is a special "place" for people who take from others. So very sad.

Absolutely LOVED the "true" story about JS! Pam D

Anonymous said...

Thanks folks. I think I need to write the MoJo folks a thank you note.

Pam - wasn't that hilarious?!