12 May 2012

Cavallero Supper Club on Wheels

Old Cavallaro Restaurant, Savannah Auto Mile, Charleston, S.C.
Two and a half miles away from the Charleston peninsula which must have seemed like the countryside then, the Cavallero was an upscale restaurant best known for it's steak dinners, live big band music and dancing. Rick Hendrick's car dealership bought the property after the restaurant closed. People still had such sentimental attachment to it that it was restored before it turned into a Honda dealership.

I remember being in it for a luncheon event but it was long past it's prime even then. Any readers have any memories of dinner and dancing on special evenings at the Cavallero?


What a coincidence that googling for historical information I happened upon this vintage postcard for sale on eBay today showing the interior of the old Cavallaro supper club.