11 May 2012

Busy week activities

Olde Towne Vet Clinic, Pinckney St., Charleston, S.C.

Even our Vet Clinic is kinda cute, isn't it? This is the Olde Towne Vet Clinic next to the horse barn downtown. I used to take my cat to this clinic.

How come almost every day since I moved off the peninsula I've had to drive into town for a meeting including the afternoon it poured rain? Does that seem fair? I wasn't supposed to have to worry about flooding anymore. Hmmmph.

Crazy week with ups and downs. It was Nurse's Week and since we have hundreds of nurses on staff we make a big deal about that. They had a "decorate a nurse's hat" activity and wore sparkly, festive hats all day.

They celebrated Florence Nightingale's Birthday with a party and fundraising activities for Nursing Scholarships and yes, some of them still had their old white uniforms or wore vintage outfits.

A "Blessing of the Hands" ceremony was held for the nurses.

....and we had fun with a Florence Nightingale photo op....

whooops.....that was an old urinal I had in my closet as a prop ;)

We were happy to celebrate "Floyd Nightingale" as well. Heheh. Times change!  I hope you hugged a nurse this week!


Kate said...

Good morning, Joan. Can't sleep so I'm up early doing my favorite thing...checking blogs.

I guess you can't get away from the Peninsula. Do you still have your cat"

Love the nurses' old uniforms! and the framed photos. Great idea. Have a good week-end!

lowandslow said...

Never at a loss for things to do around there. Good for you!


Charlestonjoan said...

Good morning! I still live close enough to the peninsula that I'll be spending a lot of walking there, it just won't be my evening walking route for errands etc.
No, Frisky the cat died some years ago. He was King of the Neighborhood for many years.
We had so much fun with the nurses photo op! What a hoot.

Charlestonjoan said...

Heheh. The bearded doctors had everyone cracking up :) I do work with a great crowd.

Chris said...

These photos are awesome! I like the frame shots a lot.

Charleston Dream House Blog

Charlestonjoan said...

Thanks Chris! Good luck with your house. You are arriving on the peninsula as I inch away from it.

Chris said...

What's your reason from getting away?

Chris said...


Charlestonjoan said...

Too much for me. I had a big house in college rental area. I was weary to death of dealing with tenants, never knowing if I could pull out of my own drive and the endless maintenance. Loved living in town though...it was bittersweet.