10 February 2019

My wild birthday ride!

Container Bar, Charleston, SC 
My son offered a few options for my birthday and we settled on this one! He picked me up in a ex-military humvee and took me to an oyster roast at the new Container Bar on Mt. Pleasant St. This was definitely a new experience and what better can you hope for on a birthday? What fun!


Marcheline said...

OMG... the military humvee is MY DREAM CAR!!!! (Mine would be flat black all over, though...)

Your son is AWESOME (of course he is, look at his mom!)... tell him that any time he and his humvee are on Long Island, there's a rabid fan that wants a ride!

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN PERRY!!! Huge hugs sent your way!!

William Kendall said...

Quite a vehicle!

Catalyst said...

You two are a couple of wild and crazy guys!

RobEades said...

That young fellow looks like one of Braveheart's warriors!

Charlestonjoan said...

Hahah! It was pretty exciting! I was bouncing around and trying to take a snippet of video. Fun day.