14 February 2019

A beautiful valentine!

Miss South Caroline U.S. International 2019
It helps to know the right people and each year I contact Randall Dukes and he summons up a beauty queen to serve as an honorary hospital volunteer on Valentine's Day. I order romantic fortune cookies and chocolate hearts and we roam the hospital treating the staff and patients as she patiently poses for photo ops.

This year our guest was Sara Burd, Miss South Carolina U.S. International and she was a delight! Thanks Sara! You brought a lot of smiles. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Catalyst said...

She certainly brought a smile to my face!

RobEades said...


I haven't been following since day one, but almost.The constant has been the beauty queens! and always so tall!?!?

Thanks for the memories.

William Kendall said...

That is a wonderful tradition!

Marcheline said...

Joan, the most beautiful woman in that first photo ain't Miss SC.... it's you!