03 April 2016

Wood Nymph in the window

Wood Nymph miniature statue, Charleston, SC   
Until I spotted the familiar statue of the wood nymph from Middleton Gardens in the window of the Historic Charleston Foundation shop on Meeting St. I had forgotten that there were miniatures made. How sweet she is! I always visit her if I am at the gardens and have an enlargement in my living room.

This shot of the original is from a couple of years ago but it must look the same now with the gardens in bloom.


Marcheline said...

Hey Joan! I'm looking for a miniature of that old statue of the girl in the long dress holding a basket of flowers, and she has a wreath of flowers on her head. If you see a miniature of that statue, do let me know!

William Kendall said...

That's beautiful work!

Catalyst said...

Yes, nicely sculpted.

Shutters said...

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