02 April 2016

Cooper River Bridge Run - Wheelchair Division

Cooper River Bridge Run - Wheelchair Division, Charleston, SC 2016
It was dark and rainy this morning when I woke up and very tempting to snuggle back under the covers but I knew I would be sorry if I did. Once a year these incredible wheelchair racing athletes motivate me to try my hand at sports photography. I go down to where they have to turn the corner off King St. in the hope that I can catch them looking up to maneuver. They are so incredibly fast that getting sharp photos is a real challenge for me.

Congratulations gentlemen! I am one of your greatest fans!


William Kendall said...

Wonderful captures! I have seen this done once here, on Parliament Hill of all places. And they move so fast that photographing them is difficult.

Marcheline said...

Great shots, Joan. Good on you for getting out of bed anyway, showing support for these guys who've gone through things we probably can't even imagine.

Gunn said...

Great action shots! (Well done to the sporty people too)