05 April 2016

Ten years in the making and good to the last bite

Chef Jeremiah Langhorne, Andre Guillet, Chef Sean Brock
Although it seems a different lifetime ago, when I met my friend Andre he was the General Manager for one of the best restaurants in town - McCrady's and Chef Sean Brock was the Executive Chef. It was a new fine dining experience for me and I had such a good time eating the most wonderful food and taking pictures in the kitchen with visiting chefs from all over the country. Now, some ten years later Chef Sean Brock has since won every possible award, published his own cookbook and been on every food related tv show. Last night he celebrated his ten year anniversary of joining McCrady's with an alumni dinner welcoming back the chefs and sommelier he has worked with through the years.

And I enjoyed every bite. 

Just after most of us had our drink in hand and had enjoyed our appetizers, the fire alarm went off and we headed to Unity Alley to mix and mingle before continuing with our main courses. It was a wonderful night.  


CharlotteHutsonWrenn said...

Terrific Joan! Great to have you share the evening and oh my gosh that food with us! Thank you!

Marcheline said...

What a fun bunch of folks! I will admit to being just the teensiest bit envious, and partially mouth-watery as well. (I haven't even had a sip of tea yet this morning, and it's going on ten thirty!)

William Kendall said...

A bit odd to have your meal interrupted by a fire call!

Catalyst said...

It's been quite a while since we've seen Andre. And Congrats to Chef Brock!