06 April 2016

Open season on wisteria photography

Wisteria, Meeting St., Charleston, SC   
It's like hunting season - open season on wisteria photography. We come home pleased if we've bagged a keeper shot. One of the prime locations is lower Meeting St. where the blossoms flow over a white fence. Glorious! Many thanks to the home owners. I would be happy if they put a tip jar out. I'd contribute a little each year to their maintenance costs.

The bottom photo is from another location on King St.


  1. They certainly are such pretty blossoms!

  2. Regrettably no wisteria here.

  3. Regrettably no wisteria here.

  4. I like seeing wisteria in your photos much more than seeing it in person. My Connecticut neighbors have an old wisteria vine that keeps spilling over onto my side of the lot line and self-seeding with nuisance plants.

  5. We have removed all of the Asian wisterias from the garden where I work - save two, which are carefully managed to keep them from misbehaving. I don't personally mind its rampant beauty.


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