03 November 2015

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston - Drake St.

Drake St., Charleston, SC  
Another rainy day in Charleston with the usual flooded streets. I was lucky enough to switch one meeting across town into a conference call, stayed snug in my office with a mug of tea and still got the job done.

I had this picture from my weekend walk saved to share and add to my collection of tiny houses. It is a sweetie. Below you can see it in proportion to it's larger neighbor.


Lowandslow said...

At least the teeny tiny house builder had the good sense to build it up off the ground. I'm thinking another foot would be nice, but, hey, you take what can. Hope you stay high and dry. :)

William Kendall said...

Quite a contrast in size!

Catalyst said...

We're sweating out snow possibilities in the central highlands of Arizona tonight. But at least we're not flooding.