02 November 2015

East Bay Murals - David Boatwright

East Bay St., Charleston, SC   
Muralist David Boatwright has left a splash of color on 341 East Bay St. on the Blue Key building. Check their web site to get a closer view of the art work. The panel on the left is the past and the right is the future. What a great gift David Boatwright has been to Charleston.

I had a tasty bite to eat this evening at Spero at 616 Meeting St. I tried the pulled lamb sandwich and may not need to eat for the rest of the week. It was very good.


William Kendall said...

What beautiful work!

Charlestonjoan said...

He is a one more force of art work for Charleston. There are so many great pieces he is responsible for.

Catalyst said...

That is so much better than the so-called "graffiti artists'" work.