02 October 2015

Waiting for the rains

Not a big fan of this image at all. 12 - 14 inches of rain on the water soaked lowcountry is not going to be pretty. I had a busy weekend lined up starting with the Lowcountry Heart Walk in the morning and ending with the farewell party for Mayor Riley on Sunday evening. Everything has been cancelled as we wait, wait, wait to see how bad things are going to be. I even came home early, had nothing to do but wait, got bored and went for a long rambling walk.

I cleaned the leaves out all of my drains but there is a large drainage ditch behind my house that is already full so soon the water will have no where to go.

I love how creative people get with photos and here is the best I've seen today. This was shared by Charleston Pirate Tours. Stay safe and dry, kids!