05 October 2015

Charleston's flooding disaster

I lose points as a regular blogger lately but I have a good excuse. I've been consumed with watching the news and pictures of the disaster area that my state of South Carolina has become and haven't had much of a heart for posting pictures.

I read twitter constantly to keep up with what is happening and facebook to check on my friends and coworkers. I checked the news for updates and throughout the flooding kept getting up to check my front and back windows looking into the dark of Friday night to see the water level. I finally crashed exhausted and woke to the phone ringing.

I walked to the back door with phone in hand and discovered that the water was at my back door and was a solid lake beyond me to a large retention ditch that had overflowed. I ran to the front door and the water was already one step away from coming in the house. My car had been moved halfway up the drive but was already sitting in water. The shed had a foot and a half of water in it.

I went into crazy person mode preparing for water in the house by lifting furniture, rolling carpets, putting plastic on heavy furniture legs and pulling out drawers. My son came over and rescued me to his house in North Charleston for the night.

Miracle of miracles the water did not come in my house. Homes below and around the corner got as much as five inches inside. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I've been running extension cords, fans and heaters to dry things out and went to work today catching up with everyone's story. What a mess we've been through and for so many people it is still going on. My part of town had as much as 25 inches of rain, the peninsula was completely closed with most parts of town closed to any traffic. As we dry out and assess damage in Charleston, Columbia and Georgetown are experiencing their own disaster. It has been raining again today but a hope for clearing tomorrow.

Thanks for all the caring messages and notes. They meant so much. I am off to sleep in a dry bed and am grateful for it. Stay safe, kids.



Anonymous said...

We were so glad to hear that you didn't have water in your house! You were on our minds. There has been a considerable amount of rain dumped upon us... areas of South Windermere were flooded, as were a few businesses. Nearby neighbors, a few saw flooding in their homes or their outbuildings. We were very fortunate to only have a flooded garage ,overflowed pool and water underneath the house that is all gone now. Like you I have been consumed with watching the news/weather and am exhausted, haha... Prayers for all - this is going to take a while to clean up for sure!

William Kendall said...

Yikes... quite a lot to have to go through.

Marcheline said...

SO glad to hear the good news about your house, and so sorry for all the stress you are going through in the meantime. We know from experience, the threat of having your house flooded is nearly as bad as it actually happening, from your nerves' point of view. Your stomach muscles can't tell the difference, either - they clench up just as tightly either way. Here's to better weather, and a season of calm and peace in your heart and your household. A big YAY, WELL DONE to your son, by the way - you raised him right! 8-)

Jack said...

Joan, I have been wondering and worrying. Charleston has taken a heavy blow. So glad to learn that you -- barely! -- escaped the worst of the storm's effects.

Catalyst said...

I've been watching your blog anxiously. Glad to hear you're all right. So many are not. But the news from Columbia tonight said today was a sunny day and perhaps the rain has gone for awhile. Stay safe, friend.