07 October 2015

Something doesn't look right in this XRay

SCRUBS U - Imaging Careers
With roads out and traffic a mess we didn't know how many students would show up for our career evening on Imaging careers. Twenty four teenagers came this evening to learn about X Ray, Ultrasound, CT, Nuclear Medicine and MRIs. Thanks to the staff who worked a long day and still managed to keep the kids interested. Long day for all but nothing is more fun that watching students who are excited about learning.

This was a neat trick - those are the student's cell phones being X Rayed! Thanks Meredith!


  1. I learned about them today, first HAND, as it were. Got my hand caught in a commercial glass door yesterday - at the gym, of all places! OUCH. Got the scan done today just to make sure no small bones were broken. I do wish they could read them for you the same day, but no dice. Sigh...

  2. Very different from what those are usually used for!

  3. I just had some x rays on my back. Doc's office called and said everything was fine. My back still hurts, though.


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