10 October 2015

Avondale 5K

Avondale 5K, Charleston, SC  
After the week we have had, walking down to the Avondale 5K felt oddly normal even if I kept catching myself looking for high water marks on the houses in the neighborhood. They had a great crowd of runners, walkers, strollers and dogs and I extended my walk through the consignment and grocery store while they caught up on their serious beer drinking. Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors!


  1. Great minds and all that. I shot a 50K today. Ultra marathon race. Nice with all the smiles here.

  2. Some good smiles on these runners!

  3. Is Charleston somehow immune from all that floodwater heading for the coast?

    1. It all depends on the rivers. The Santee and Edisto are flooded but they don't come through Charleston. Georgetown is a mess and everything around the Edisto is evacuated. A lot of people have little weekend cabins there and have lost everything.

  4. Joan, you deserved some normalcy.


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