30 September 2015

Before & After - 492 King St.

The times they are a changin'! Keep your eyes open, kids. Something has changed on King St. every time I walk that route. I am particularly pleased that this building was taken in hand. I loved it and am pleased to see it renovated and in use. It has opened as Restaurant 492. I have not been inside yet. Anyone?
The building sat abandoned since Hurricane Hugo until it being purchased by the Relish Restaurant Group. During renovations, spearheaded by local architect Reggie Gibson, as much of the original building was left intact as possible. The red color in the dining room, called “eating room red,” and the “piazza blue” on the upstairs hall ceiling are both historic paint colors. The base of the bar is paneled in old tin that served as the ground floor ceiling of the existing building, reflecting a dedication to preserving and restoring this unique piece of Charleston’s history.


Catalyst said...

Bravo! Now let's clean up the outside.

William Kendall said...

A building with character!