18 October 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance

Eutawville, SC  
I only had my little pocket camera with me but had to stop to get this shot of the church in the field of cotton.

Bonus joke this evening (snitched from reddit.com):
So, my Irish friend decided to tell his community that he is an atheist.  
One man in the crowd yelled, "Yes, but is it the Catholic God you don't believe in or the Protestant one?"


VanessaK said...

That's so funny. I was on my way back from Statesville NC traveling Hwy176 and took an almost identical photo in Cameron, SC :) I'll send it to you for fun.

Marcheline said...

I have a photo with the cotton - but it's me in the cotton, not a church! Also - that Irish joke made me howl. Anyone with Irish family members or friends will "get it" immediately! You can always tell an Irishman, but you can't tell him much.

chuckography said...

"So, an Irishman leaves the bar..." Hey, it could happen.

William Kendall said...

Quite a joke!