19 October 2015

East Bay Hardware shop assistant

East Bay Hardware, 18 Society St., Charleston, SC   
What a happy treat it is to find yourself inside a store that isn't tied to a major corporation's rules. I popped into East Bay Hardware to see if they could make a copy of my car key. I haven't had a spare key for a couple of years and it's been on my mental to do list. They had an entire key shop set up and easily took care of me.

In front of the key kiosk was a "take one, leave one" library and movie book shelf. They have racks of clothes for sale, a mix of handmade and vintage items and a fund raiser for breast cancer going on. The shop assistant cat was eager to recommend the best potting mix.
Yelp Reviews:  
I was walking past and saw a sign beckoning me to check out their baby chicks....it pulled me in like a chick magnet.  The hardware store is located right downtown, and it was my first stop in my exploration of downtown.  The chick-a-dees were uber cute in their fluffy chirping yellow glory.  Oh, how I wanted to hold one....somehow I restrained...or maybe I restrained because their habitat had a secure top on it and I did not want to get bounced out of True Value.  Other than the adorable baby animals, they had other items that really sets them apart from your average hardware...like stone Buddha's for your garden, live orchids and other live plants.  It was a nice garden shop combined with a hardware.
I love that the woman there puts the pretty things she loves right out there with the pipe wrenches and WD40. Last time I was there I bought a saw blade, spackle, anchor bolts and an adorable mulit-colored scarf that's perfect for parties.  This is a great place. Never die East Bay Hardware. You rock.


Suzie Townsend said...

We found quite a few similar places in the northwest but then you expect them in small towns, not someplace a cosmopolitan as Charleston! You just have to love them, don't you? And of course a dog or cat make them even better!

William Kendall said...

Oh, what a sweetie. There's a hardware store up in cottage country that for years had a cat that could always be found around.

Catalyst said...

There's a hardware store like that in the adjoining town. I've never seen a cat there but I wouldn't be surprised to see one.