18 October 2015

Rescue 911 Squirrel

Goorin Brothers, King St., Charleston, SC  
I spotted a flurry of interested folks laughing and looking in the King St. door of Goorin Bro.s hat shop and suspected it wasn't a new bonnet that had caught their eye. A disoriented baby squirrel has scampered in the door and couldn't find it's way out. I lingered in my spot across the street waiting for the action.

Sure enough he was captured in a hat box and carried to Marion Square to be released under the trees. It was the squirrel's lucky day!

Nice website by the way. Take a look. Buy a hat.


William Kendall said...

That would be a memorable day for the little rascal!

Pixel Peeper said...

Yeay for rescuing a baby squirrel!