07 June 2015

Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

I visit sculpture gardens in other cities - most recently St. Louis and Seattle and have actually complained that we fall short on large dramatic art installations. Hello! I saw a picture of this fun bicycle piece on facebook and knew it was time to go for my morning walk at the North Charleston River Front park again. Isn't this fun?!

This is ithe link to information on the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition information. They are currently featuring fourteen sculptures by established and emerging artists from across the nation and are on display for eleven month. I learned that the colorful bike art is by Meuller & Charzewski and that I missed some described on the site and will need to go back. Thank you North Charleston!

Edit: forgive my typos! I hope not too many people read it before I fixed them. Blogging in a hurry, multitasking. Shame on me. No spell check in the title box apparently.

Park band stand - art in it's own right!