08 June 2015

All outta gas!

Abandoned gas station, Wentworth St., Charleston, SC 
Such a sweet little building this abandoned gas station on Wentworth St. It would make a darling cottage, wouldn't it? It's been empty for so long there must be issues with underground tanks that make it prohibitive to restore. That is my guess. I was snooping around the intranets to see if I could find any background information and came across this old picture. I love google!

Looks like we have some rain coming tomorrow, kids. Take your brolly to work.

This is one of the busiest weeks of my year. I am hosting my health career summer SCRUBS Camp at work and will be shepherding twenty two young people interested in careers in medicine. Today was their welcome day, tours and CPR certification. It takes a lot of juggling to keep them busy all week. Wish me luck. I had no trouble getting  my 10,000 steps before I left work this afternoon.

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William Kendall said...

I know there's some sort of rule here that when a station goes under, they can't build anything on the property for years.