06 June 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Bethany

Bethany Cemetery, Charleston, SC
Usually it is the gray and dreary days that take me to the cemeteries but these dramatic skies give the setting an entirely different look. Bethany is next to Magnolia Cemetery and St. Lawrence and I roam back and forth between the three of them reminding myself that I shouldn't really be walking alone through the thick grass with thin sandals after all the snake pictures folks have been sharing lately.  I made it home safely once again.


  1. Very picturesque area! Wall Street Journal's week-end edition had an interesting article on Charleston titled "Charleston's Truest Grits" with a review of several restaurants that serves them. Read it if you haven't already to see if you agree with the selection.

  2. I saw that! The article was shared on Facebook. I am a fan of SNOBS shrimp and grits and they are kind enough to share their recipe on their web site so that is the one I follow. Everyone does it a little bit different. I had a good bowl this weekend!

    1. I, too, like SNOB when we visited and was surprised that it wasn't listed. Are you surprised that Hominy Grill and Jestine's Kitchen didn't make the cut? We ate their once which isn't a good measure of the places but didn't like either as much as SNOB.

  3. Nice shots of the church and graveyard. The light was perfect, wasn't it?


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