26 February 2015

Feelin' kinda green

Charleston, S.C.

My pets come to life in the warm weather.

Just kidding. This little green rascal was part of the Garden & Gun magazine display at the Southeastern Wildlife Festival booth.

Wow...I sure have been a slacker about walking lately. The nights have been either cold, dreary or rainy. I did row a few miles across my living room today but am looking forward to daylight savings time and longer, brighter evenings.

Fun evening last night at a bowling fundraiser for Water Missions International. My team of volunteers almost won! We didn't win but made a very good showing. I hadn't been inside The Alley on Columbus St. yet so had been looking forward to snooping around.


William Kendall said...

That is quite a getup!

Jack said...

Nice doggy. I got a Fitbit Charge lately, and it is wonderful at reminding me to get off my *** and go out for a walk.