24 February 2015

Lowndes Grove Plantation

Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
Amazing to think that Lowndes Grove Plantation is right on the peninsula. I was walking around Hampton Park this past weekend and poked my camera through the front gate to get this shot. I've attended some lovely events on this property at sunset looking over the Ashley River and I know it is a popular wedding spot managed by Patrick Properties.
(The Grove; Grove Farm) Built ca. 1786, Lowndes Grove is a one and one-half story frame structure set upon a raised stucco-over-brick basement. Probably originally built in the Georgian mode, the structure has been altered through the years. Despite these alterations, the structure is valuable architecturally, chronicling various changes in architectural design. At one time the home of U.S. Congressmen William Lowndes, it later played an important role in the South Carolina Interstate and West Indies Exposition of 1901-02.


William Kendall said...

It looks like such a beautiful setting for a wedding!

Catalyst said...

Great house and an absolutely perfect flower.

Jack said...

Beautiful place, beautiful rose, beautiful images.