22 November 2014

Celebrity Chili Cook Off - Charleston Animal Society

Roper Hospital Chili Booth
The Charleston Animal Society hosted a Celebrity Chili Cook Off today and it was a huge success. The event was held at the Citadel's Johnson Hagood stadium which was a perfect location with plenty of parking. My friend Bob Rife had rallied a team and the Chef Mark from Roper Hospital was cooking up his special chile recipe so I wanted to dash by and show my support.

Checking their web site it looks like ABC News Channel 4 won the contest: Woohoo! Congrats folks!

When I walked in they were asking for ID before putting bracelets on folks who might want to drink alcohal. I tipped my ball cap to show them my gray hair and said, "I don't need to show ID, right? I don't think people have started wearing gray wigs yet", and then I had to laugh when I spotted the gentleman below in the gray wig. Maybe he was just too young to drink and wanted a beer....heheh.

It was all good timing since my son delivered a couple of pounds of venison today and I promised to come up with a good venison chili recipe.