29 September 2014

French Cafe in Mt. Pleasant

Saveurs du Monde Cafe. Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I don't spend much time exploring the nooks and crannies of Mt. Pleasant but I was invited out to a French Cafe by the name of Saveurs du Monde for lunch on Friday and stood there in a bewildering area of shops, apartments and future wine bars thinking "when did this happen"? I tell ya, if you blink around Charleston lately everything changes. The shopping and dining area was in the same neighborhood as Franke at Seaside retirement complex and I thought how nice it would be for seniors to be able to walk out of their apartment and have attractive shops at their doorstep. Disclaimer - I may have been super impressed because it was a late lunch and I was very hungry.

We had a delicious light lunch but I drooled all over the pastry case so take a napkin if you go. Check out the pictures on their web site and bring me back something delicious.