28 September 2014

Ninety four years and counting!

94 years young, Charleston, S.C.
I stopped by Publix to pick up a coconut cake for Mr. Heath on Friday. In my mind when you are 94 years old and volunteer two full days a week driving a golf cart shuttle in the hospital parking lot you deserve some festivities. Each year I try to drill a little deeper to find out what his secret is. He grew up in West Virginia, joined the military, was very athletic himself and then coached sports. He still has a ready smile. Twice a year he takes off on a solitary road trip to Maryland and West Virginia to visit his family members.

He is really quite amazing. Maybe it is the coconut cake which is a stand out favorite! I could do that.


  1. He doesn't look his age!

  2. He sure doesn't. He got caught with some leg pain this year but for the most part he moves like a young and energetic man.

  3. Doesn't look a day over 70...


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