30 September 2014

Y'all enjoy some butter tarts, eh!

Butter tarts, Charleston, S.C.

My friend Eugene became an American citizen today. Congrats Eugene! He invited some of his friends to stop by Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ  this evening for a celebratory drink. The only really Canadian thing I could think to take him were some Butter Tarts so I cheated with frozen tart shells and whipped up a batch.

Eugene works in the medical field, was an early Charleston blogger, is a member of photography and ham radio clubs and groups so it was an interesting mix of people and I was pleased to finally meet his wife Connie. I gave Eugene my quick trip on being bilingual - all he has to do is say "eh" and "y'all" in the same sentence. I do it myself all the time! 


  1. Ah, butter tarts! They taste entirely too divine.

  2. Will have to try making these. They sound delicious.

  3. Welcome to the party, Eugene!

  4. It was so good to see you.

  5. The butter tarts look delicious, but I'm really in favor of Nanaimo bars. Just sayin'.


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