05 May 2014

Artfields - Lake City, S.C.

Lake City, S.C.
I made it up to Lake City on the very last day of Artfields driving up from Charleston to get to the Moore Botanical Garden for the 10 a.m. tour which was a great treat. After the garden tour we headed into Lake City to the sense that the art festival party had fizzled. It was billed to last until the Sunday but I imagine if they handed out the awards on Saturday that felt like the end of the party for most folks. Some of the locations gradually opened and we were able to see some of the art hanging but there was no energetic festive buzz. The Bean Market Building was empty. Restaurant Table 118 didn't even open for lunch and their web site didn't work so everyone piled into the Railway Restaurant for the buffet. We walked down to the ROB to see the art below and then wandered back through town peeking into closed up shops and headed home. I've made a note not to go on the last day next year.

Some of the art was great. I almost hate to show pictures without the artist's names but I don't have them all. Enlarge the picture of Marilyn Monroe to see the fun details! Check this site for more art and links to the artists. Congratulations to the winners!