11 February 2014

A little off the top

Waterfront Park, Charleston, S.C.
These trees had a rough hair cut. I am sure it will all pay off in the spring but it leaves them looking a little odd all winter.

Shirley Temple died. Wasn't she the most adorable little kid? I hope she had a good and happy life.

It is almost 9 p.m. in February and I'm trying to figure out who is setting off fireworks? Huh? My birthday was yesterday.


  1. Happy belated birthday! We are watching the weather reports with increasing alarm as we are supposed to be flying in tomorrow to your lovely neck of the woods. Just saw on the news that the governor has declared a state of emergency...are we foolish to come down?

    1. Susan, oh...tricky timing! I suspect it won't be as bad as they fear but what do I know. We are all edgy because of what happened in Atlanta. It looks like it will be low 40's in the day time.

  2. They do look peculiar that way.

    I have seen notices of winter weather once again in the South. Stay warm!

  3. Happy happy birthday Joan! Glad to see you've been celebrating and dining well! Many happy returns of the day!

  4. Oh, uh, sorry. That was me. (hic)

  5. I have seen trees scalped like this far more often in Europe than in the USA. It does keep the trees neat and within the intended space. Of course, an alternative way to accomplish that is to select trees whose mature height will fit the space!


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