12 February 2014

Pink lovers laundry line

Dorchester State Park, Summerville, S.C.
I think I walked through a photographer's staged shot without realizing it. I bet there will be a lovely portfolio shot in someone's album with a model sitting on the little log. The park ranger at Dorchester State Park said that was what it was and as soon as he said it, it made sense. There were at least three photographer's in action that sunny Sunday afternoon chasing babies and posing families. He said it was good for the park and encouraged people to come back. That is a very welcoming position since so many places hit photographers with heavy fees.

My picture is not what the park looks like today. It's been a cold and icy spell with a lot of trees down. Schools have been closed and a lot of folks don't have power. I was lucky, got to work easily and have my heat on. I hope things get resolved soon so people can be comfortable for the night.  Take care and stay warm folks!