15 January 2014

Foggy Mornings

Live oaks in the fog, Charleston, S,C.
It was beautiful but frighteningly foggy on my way to work this morning. I passed what looked like a serious accident and was happy to arrive safely myself. This was that I walked through from my car to my office. I don't have much to complain about do I?

Restaurant week jackpot at Al Di La this evening with a couple friends from work. I have some tasty leftovers tucked away in my frig for tomorrow. Now, I am going to settle down for a cheery (not!) little PBS Frontline documentary on North Korea that I recorded last night.


  1. Scary driving to work yesterday morning... could barely see the road thru the fog all the way to work... before the sun was up, too.

  2. That kind of fog always has a mysterious kind of effect.

    Odds are I've seen that doc. PBS documentaries are always top line, and I've seen one from them on the country.


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