14 January 2014

Giddy up there pardner!

P F Changs, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
It is restaurant week in Charleston and I made good use of a friend's gift certificates to PF Chang's in Mt. Pleasant. I think these giant horse statues on Hwy 17 North are the trademark images for the Chinese restaurant chain and they certainly are eye catching. It was the first time I've eaten there and we had a good dinner. Al Di La for dinner tomorrow. Yay, restaurant week!

I almost hate to mention it and publicize it even more but the dreaded Charleston reality show Southern Charm apparently is going to be shown on Bravo. I had hoped, hoped, hoped it wouldn't be picked up but of course it did. Uuugh. Here is the link with info and the video trailer for Southern Charm. If you do watch it, you can join me in saying, "poor, poor Charleston" and then in wondering where they found girls they could talk into wearing such ghastly make-up on tv.


Scott Grigg said...

This show reminds me of a car wreck. Everyone says they hate em but they always slow down to see them on the freeway. This is what's wrong with reality TV but then...it may just be fun to watch.

William Kendall said...

Reality shows are to be avoided at all costs...

It's a remarkable statue!