29 December 2013

Charleston Club

53 East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.
I spotted this sign on East Bay St. and did some googling around.
The Charleston Club was founded as a social organization in 1852 by a number of prominent Charleston gentlemen. Its clubhouse, then on Meeting Street, provided an exclusive atmosphere for the convivial recreation of its members. After dissolving in 1866, the club was reorganized in 1881 and over the next seventy-seven years was housed in a succession of buildings in downtown Charleston.Since 1958 it has occupied the same address on East Bay Street.
Amazing what you can find online now. Here is a write up about the Charleston Club, this link includes the ingredients in the Charleston Club Punch and this article talks about the first time women were invited in in 1938.


Marcheline said...

Cool article! Of course, I loved the Haverty's GE refrigerator best of all...

William Kendall said...

The sign itself looks quite old fashioned.