30 December 2013

Charleston Photo Weekend - Rocky Mountain School of Photography

King St., Charleston, S.C.
Oh, oh, oh...I almost forgot to pass on information on a photograph course weekend coming up in January. Here is the link: Rocky Mountain School of Photography - Photo Weekend Charleston.

The coordinators sent me an email asking me to help spread the word. I am not familiar with the program but what better place to come than Charleston for a weekend workshop? Here is the scoop:

Seeing that you run a daily photo blog in Charleston, I'd like to let you know about an event we are bringing to Charleston on January 11-12 at the Francis Marion Hotel. It is a Photo Weekend led by two of our best and most long term photo instructors, Tim Cooper and Tony Rizzuto. This event is geared toward beginner and intermediate level photographers and gives people the chance to choose their own courses throughout the weekend. A fitting way to describe this Photo Weekend is equal parts education, inspiration and fun. (Well, maybe a bit more weighted to the "education" part of that).


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  2. The architecture looks beautiful, Joan... and the trees are of course so different from here. It's an appealing shot.

  3. I love this image. The colors, composition, etc. Great job!! Happy New Year - about that cup of java :)

    1. Happy New Year Vanessa!

      Yes, let's! There is a new coffee shop opening next to Al Di La in Avondale end of Jan. Let's go there as soon as it opens!

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