08 May 2013

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, S.C.
You know how much I love Magnolia Gardens. I feature it often enough and keep an annual pass for myself but, if you don't have an annual pass you can get into the gardens for free on Friday. Go for it! Take the day off too healthy to work. I'll write you a note (unless you work for me). Find the details here. I believe you need to print a coupon and it doesn't include guided tours or the Audubon Swamp garden. The coupon is good for National Public Gardens so if you don't live in Charleston it may still apply closer to home.

Yeah, yeah....happy Nurses Week! Today is Florence Nightingale's birthday. Let's have some cake.

We had some fun again doing Florence Nightingale photo ops with old Nursing props. It is amazing what an empty frame works for a picture. Everyone got to be the Lady with the Lamp even a couple "Floyd Nightingales".

Check this out - eight year old kid came up with an invention to keep your book from getting wet when you read in the tub. Brilliant!

I have had a love hate relationship with the news lately. This business of the kidnapping in Cleveland of the three girls is mind boggling but hard to turn off. The election results in my district disappointed me. In other news, it has stopped raining.

Crazy busy days at work lately. I stopped on the way home to buy gas and picked up a lottery ticket. I figure if I won the jackpot I'd still go to work - as a volunteer instead of the volunteer director. Harhar.

G'night kids.


  1. Dang...I'm even off tomorrow, but the closest garden to me is in Tampa. Too far to drive, plus I have a hair appointment and happy hour with some friends scheduled.

    Love that "keep your book dry" invention - so simple and so effective. Genius!

    And I bet being a volunteer would be a lot less stressful than being the director!

    1. I had a busy week. I was imagining how fun it would be just to volunteer without all the responsibility and paperwork but that is what keeps Ye Olde Paycheck coming in! Can't complain about that.

  2. Your first photo of the bridge is superb!

    I will be buying a Powerball ticket tomorrow. You can't win if you don't play.

    1. I did buy one. I normally forget to check it. I think I expect that if I won the jackpot I would wake up to the front page of the Post & Courier saying "winning lottery ticket sold in Charleston" and then I would scramble to find it. :)

  3. There's an easier solution to not dropping your book in the tub, you know... knock off the vodka! 8-) Great photos, as always!

    1. Harhar! I always get my books and mags wet in the tub. In fact I haven't had a good tub read for a long time. I need to do that.


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