06 May 2013

Nurses' Week - the Blessing of the Hands

The Blessing of the Hands, Nurses Week, Charleston, S.C.

Happy Nurses Week to all the nurses in my life. Love you ladies and gentlemen! Your love and friendship has made my life an interesting ride.

We begin Nurses Week with a Blessing of the Hands ceremony. It always brings home what nurses actually do, laying hands on people to heal and care for them.


  1. What a sensitive and sensible ceremony. Haven't heard of it before but it has a spiritual overtone to it. Wish all cities had this tradition and broadcast it publicly.

    1. It is one of my favorite celebrations. This year we had a lot of students nurses join in. It was a good thing for them to see.

  2. Me too Kate... what a wonderful idea! Beautiful!

  3. And you have done so much more than nurse... thank you Joan!


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