26 February 2013

Welcoming Porch

Smith St., Charleston, S.C.
Well heck, it's after 11 p.m. already and although I am wide awake, I should be thinking about bed. It was a relief to come home from work and go for a walk without skipping through puddles and getting rained on. I understand that we have had close to ten inches of rain for February with more to come.

Barbara Stroud raved so about her chicken pasta in wine sauce that I picked up pasta on my walk and made that. Just for me. Yum. 

Luckily I stayed up late enough to watch the news to learn what color of shoes the retired pope is going to wear. Not red. Make a note.

This evening's picture is a ground level porch on Smith St. I love wide porches with brick floors. They look so welcoming don't they?

G'night kids. Don't stay up too late.