30 October 2012

Halloween countdown - Charleston style

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
These houses decorated for Halloween make me want to go skeleton shopping. I could leave them resting in the guest bedroom in between holidays.

I am watching the recorded PBS show Call the Midwives this evening. It is about a group of student midwives in England who go out on bicycles to deliver babies and all the lives they get entangled in. I am loving it of course, since I spent quite a few years helping women deliver their babies. If there weren't privacy rules against talking about our patients I might have written my more modern and wicked version. Is anyone else watching it?


  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Am enjoying the midwives. Love Chummy, like the nuns.
    The Anonymous Librarian

    1. I love her too! It is nice to have a show to look forward to.

  2. Borrowed your photo! (with credit given of course) http://www.holycitysinner.com/2012/10/31/happy-halloween-2/


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