29 October 2012

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston

King St., Charleston, S.C.
Here is another sweetie in the teeny, tiny houses of Charleston category. This one is on lower King St. almost at the Battery.

It is hard to believe we could be having such bright and sunny weather while tropical storm Sandy is hitting the north east. It is so distressing knowing what those poor people will have to go through.

I cooked dinner for six women friends this evening. This is mostly a retired gang of hospital employees. Soon I'll be the only one of this group working while they fritter their jolly time away going out to lunch and puttering in their gardens. I want to be retired when I grow up. We had a lovely dinner after I scrambled together enough silverware for seven. I am clearly out of the habit of large scale entertaining and I had to borrow two forks from my son. I served roasted beet and goat cheese salad, shepherd's pie, corn and a lemon tart. Yummers.