24 October 2012

Circa 1886

Wild Strawberry Souffle, Circa 1886, Charleston, S.C
Lucky me. I wanted to thank a co-worker for all her help with a major project this evening and asked her to pick where she wanted to eat. She studied all the menus online and decided we should go to Circa 1886. Woo hoo. Yes, ma'am. I have no problem with that.

The restaurant is tucked in behind Wentworth Mansion Hotel and we got there early enough to snoop around inside. It's hard to believe that the beautiful hotel used to be an insurance building. The restaurant was the original stables.

I don't know why I preferred the picture in black and white because it is of the prettiest wild strawberry souffle'. I had the scallops and sneaked a taste of the flounder which was delicious as well. Thanks for taking such good care of us Jason!

Here is what I've always thought would be a great evening - a progressive dinner going from Inn to Inn by carriage ride. Doesn't that sound like fun?